Digipas Group's Brands

Who is Digipas Group?

Digipas Group (formally known as Ventura Group) is the name of an ‘entity’ assigned to the affiliation of approximately a dozen of highly specialized, technologically-driven companies, situated at several strategic geographical regions, for a history of over two decades. The group is led by Dr. Jim Li who is an almamater of Cambridge University, UK and he owns over 40 patents in the field of advanced technology deployment to electronic devices and manufacturing processes. As a maturing group, we are organized into three main business units and three brands covering a broad customer base in various industries at a global scale ensuring stable growth.

We have an excellent track record of world’s pioneering innovative new products and leading-edge technologies, and successfully scaling-up to meet the needs of our worldwide customers. Our clients include some of the world's most technologically advanced companies, leading research laboratories and government institutions in numerous industries, ranging from consumer electronics to aerospace, medical, precision engineering & machining, energy, railways, construction, research and education.

Our research and/or sales offices are located in USA, Japan, UK, Germany, while product development and manufacturing sites are in Singapore and Indonesia. The management is led by a team of highly specialized professionals focusing on the development of core capabilities within specific domain expertise targeting on global-scale niche market segments. Our IP portfolio contents granted patents and trademarks from USPTO, JPO and WIPO and others covering jurisdictions in major advanced and emerging economies. The group employs a total of approx. a thousand people for R&D, business operation and production activities. With over two decades of research, development and manufacturing expertise, our products, services and technologies are utilized by millions of people all over the world.

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